"Bronwyn is an incredible health and wellness coach. Throughout my 3 months working with her, I felt taken care of, listened to and supported in so many ways. Most importantly, I felt empowered with knowledge. Every issue that arose in my health and wellness journey was combated with her knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work. I was able to reach my goal for a performance job I was doing and feel confident that I would be able to sustain it even after coaching ended. All of her methods are practical and realistic, making everything maintainable. I am so grateful to have a coach like Bronwyn!”


"I felt like I didn't have a lot of direction with my diet and wasn't feeling confident about my food choices. I also wasn't sure about lifting weights...My needs were addressed and more! Now I'm lifting heavy, I don't experience any digestive discomfort (or if I do, I know why), and I feel a lot more self-aware of all the factors that impact my overall well-being. I'm so grateful for Bronwyn's judgement-free guidance and support through this weird and inconsistent time. Bronwyn has gone above and beyond for me and took on a lot more than just nutrition and exercise...her clients are so lucky to have her!"


"I was feeling super low on self-motivation and was looking for some help and guidance with my workouts as I've been organizing my own workouts for the last several years of my life/ career. Bronwyn helped me with daily/ weekly texts to continue my motivation- she ALWAYS checked in. Bronwyn is an amazing coach, and did all of the necessary things to help me with my goals and more. Especially considering our distance and time zone differences, she always withheld a strong and committed journey with me. Dedicating her time and effort to me and my goals to bettering myself. LOVE HER TO BITS. 11/10 would highly recommend working with Bronwyn!"

"To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak."

                                            - Hopi Indian saying