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Life comes at you fast, and before you know it your work/ home life balance is completely out of whack. What's the first thing we sacrifice? Ourselves, our strength, and sometimes our sanity. As we let those things go, we become careless; before we know it, we have an injury and/ or burnout on our hands. I know, I've been there. We've all been there. Just because we've been there doesn't mean we have to accept defeat.

New to fitness? There's strength to be built there. Have a new job? There's also strength to be built there. Struggling back at work and know something needs to change? There's certainly strength to be built there too. See where I'm coming from?


Have you tried tirelessly to navigate the shoebox gyms in hotels, only to leave feeling like you had no idea what you were doing? Are you more of a "work out in my own room" kind of person? Do you get to the gym at the end of a long work day and reluctantly hop onto the treadmill because you just can't be bothered to plan for a workout of your own? Do you just need someone to hold you accountable and motivate you to get through those last few reps of the toughest exercise in your workout?

I take the time to programme workouts that are unique to YOUR needs and goals. Staying strong and active doesn't have to be as stressful as the lifestyle you already lead- being strong and active helps you take your lifestyle head on.

Included in the price breakdowns are:

  • ​10 euro programming fee- the time I take, behind the scenes, to think about your unique goals and circumstances to manage the best programme for SMART progress.

  • 5 euro equipment fee- the equipment I bring and the effort I make to prepare you for success as soon as I step out of my front door. 

I have broken down packages below. I understand that circumstances and needs vary from person to person, so simply click on any of the "More Info" buttons below to download a pricing list, and email me with any questions. Otherwise, let's get cracking on your free consultation today!

Single Session

Offered in thirty or forty-five minute blocks. 

Includes warm up, workout, cool down. One time programmed session, perfect for those who want a fresh workout added into their routine, endurance athletes looking for very specific exercises to support current training. 

4 Week Programme

Offered in thirty or forty- five minute blocks.

Each session includes warm up, workout, and cool down. Perfect for those who know that consistency is key for progress, and for those ready to kickstart a better routine. You're ready for change!

BONUS recovery session OR nutritional guidance session included!

*Package expires four weeks after purchase*

Eight Week Programme

Offered in thirty or forty- five minute blocks. In home or gym training options.

Each session includes warm up, workout, and cool down. A great option for those who are wanting to level up on their progress, make long lasting gains in stability, strength, and stamina. You know what it takes, and you're committed to giving it your all.

BONUS recovery session AND nutritional guidance sessions included!

*Package expires eight weeks after purchase*

Independent Training Programmes

The nature of your work may take you all over; from your house to your office, from the airport to the hotel. I never want you to feel that just because you have to spend some time traveling your fitness goals have to take a backseat! Trust me, I've been there. Being on cruise ships, on the road with dance competitions, and working in theme park facilities has had me in all sorts of interesting situations. I know how much I rely on my daily sweat to keep me being the best version of me...wherever my workplace is! I want the same for you.


Starting from just 70 Euro for a four week plan, I create PDF and charted files that you can take with you on your journey. These workouts are sent straight to your phone or tablet through an app which we also use as our main line of communication. Have less equipment than you thought you would? Gym space is less than ideal so now you're stuck to your room? We CAN make this work! I will hold you accountable to yourself. Together, we keep your body in peak physical shape. You will consistently make progress, even if jet lag or "ship time" tries to tell you otherwise.


Contact me for an in depth discussion of your plans, goals, constraints, and environment so we can create the perfectly attainable plan for you while you're working around the world!

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