Bronwyn Updike

Height: 5' 7"

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Hazel


Cork, Ireland


Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Dance Captain

            "Deck the Halls"- Karma Camp and Merrill Hardy West

Celebrity Cruises Productions- Specialty Aerialist/ Dancer

           Celebrity Eclipse's "Topper," "Rock City," and "Amade"

Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Female Dance Swing

           "Britmania"- Matt Davenport Productions (premiere)


Celebrity Cruises Productions- Production Dancer

           Celebrity Millennium's "Simply Ballroom," "Boogie Wonderland"

           and 'iBroadway"

Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Female Dancer/ Dance Captain

           "Miracles"- Christopher D' Amboise

"Busch Gardens Williamsburg- Female Dancer

           "Monster Stomp on Ripper Row"- Jennifer Jancuska


Law and Order: SVU (season 18)

Gotham (season 3)

The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (season 3)

Training and Workshops

George Mason University

BFA Dance, Minor in Business

Virginia School of the Arts

Radio City Rockettes


Paul Taylor School

On the Road Productions

Ritual Dance, Ensemble Dancer

Arthur Aviles, Dancing Through the Bronx

Bronx, NY

Rachael Kosch Dance, Company Dancer

Rachael Kosch, Rachael Kosch Dance Company

New York, NY


The Merry Widow, Can-Can Girl (Ensemble)

Dominique Angel, Opera On the James

Lynchburg, Va

Hansel and Gretel, Angel (Ensemble)

Dominique Angel, Opera On the James

Lynchburg, Va

CRU Dance Competition

          Performance Judge

Legacy Dance Championships

         Stage Manager


NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Basic Tumbling (head/hand stands, cartwheels, round offs, front walk over, front and back rolls)

Aerial Work: two point harness, pulley, and lyra

Ballroom and Latin dance


Shrill screamer

Costume specialist

Licensed Driver

CPR/AED Certified