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Find out more about my services as an NASM certified personal trainer, TRX instructor, and BTEC certified nutrition coach

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I empower high performing humans, who are constantly on the go between work, layoffs, a pandemic, and the reopening of society towards "normality." I share with you how to nourish your body for improved digestion, better sleep, a bulletproof stress management system, & efficient physical motion. Together, we work on looking, feeling, and acting your best, from the inside out. Wherever you are in the world, you are presenting your best self. 

I come from a dancing and performance background. For those who understand- well, you know. For those who don't understand? Picture living out of a suitcase or two even when you're home. That time at home? It lasts anywhere between two weeks to two months. Those two weeks to two months? Spent working a survival job to keep income flowing until you start the next gig.

For well over a year, I would step into my workplace. Whether it be a theatre, a restaurant, a gym, or working from home, I grappled with not feeling myself. Physically, I was present; however, I really wasn't.

  • I was searching for energy from all corners of my body & brain- the fuel tank had been low for a while.

  • I was tired, even though I got a full eight hours of sleep the previous night.

  • I was in a hotel/ performer housing where I didn't have access to a kitchen...or grocery store. Gas station it is, huh? 

  • I loved to work out, but I didn't have a plan so would just saunter around the gym/ my hotel room while I searched for a YouTube routine to follow.

  • Even the smallest of daily tasks felt daunting. 

  • I wanted to give up, but the show must go on...somehow.

We put so much hard work into our jobs. We put so much work into making life "work."

We deserve to put just as much work into ourselves...but where do we start?
You matter to me. More importantly, you need to realize that YOU matter to yourself! I am here to help you realize that. 
It's important that we put our health and strength first, so that we can be stronger leaders in our industry, and stronger than our show. 

I don't want you, as a high performing human, to feel like your health is something to tackle on your own. Heck, you're juggling meetings and auditions and maybe three jobs so I understand that you may feel like your health has to sit on the back burner for a while.

That is certainly not the case. Not with me in your back pocket, being your biggest cheerleader, anyways!

Dancer First- Always

See how my performing career started, where I've gone, and how I came to be a trainer and coach FOR our industry.

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